Peacock Technique

A great way to create a special one off glaze. Lots of different combos, check out the Mayco website to see more.

Tip- the swirl at the base of bowl creates a great effect


Things To Make in Pottery

The Great Pottery Throwdown is a reality TV show which really inspired me to take my first pottery class and shows the real possibilities in clay. It highlights all the different methods of working with clay from wheel throwing, slab building, handbuilding ..etc. It is definitely worth a view!

My main focus has been throwing clay on a wheel, which is still very much a work in progress for me but here is my “To Do” list and record of my attempts

Decorating ideas

Shapes to make

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Amaco glazes


A great shiny stainless steel look but needs at least 4 layers to get movement so best to maybe taper layers with 4 on highest point reducing down to 2 -3 layers on bottom with generous margin to avoid sticking to the kiln shelf. Note that mine did stick !