Arthur Umanoff

Arthur Umanoff was an American designer who studied at Pratt Institute in the 1950’s

His very first furniture designs were produced by Post Modern Ltd a company he was a partner in in the early 50’s. At the very start of his career he was involved in all phases of the design process from concept to prototyping and use testing through to merchandising and marketing.

These Post Modern Ltd designs were marketed and distributed by Elton, along with work by Tony Paul. In 1954 he started designing for Shaver Howard producing the Wrought Iron and Wooden Slat chairs, tables bars and bar carts for which he is best known. He will continue designing for Shaver Howard through to the 70’s.

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Freeport, Maine

Freeport, Maine is known for it outlet shops and of course the iconic LL Bean however being the constant thrift shopper I hit the Freeport’s op shops and vintage shops. 

Here are some of my favourites

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Brimfield Antique Market

This is the most amazing antique market- more than you can imagine. Acres of treasures from every time period, if you love flea markets this one is a must.

There are 3 markets each season in Brimfield Massachusetts, Summer 2019 dates are May 14- 19, July 9-14, and September 3- 8th. Apparently the busiest market is actually the earliest one in May but we attended the July market and there was far more than we could see in our 2 days. To be honest, I had no idea how impressive and vast this flea market is!

Next time I will be more prepared and have more time as this not just one flea market but several. Acres of different fields of amazing treasures along the main road for about a mile, its worth researching to know which market might suit your interest and time schedule.

How to prepare for the Market

1. Know the dates and time each market starts, earlier you go the better. — Vendors can start packing on the Sunday afternoon so probably best to plan around that possibility.

2. Bring a cart/wagon- there are amazing treasures but they aren’t always easy to carry

3. Vendors are cash only, prices vary from high end to op shop finds. You just never know what you will find and wish I had of actually bought more at the time. Yet, do be careful just because its at the market doesnt mean it is actually genuine vintage, much to my dismay when I got my first purchase home -it had a “Made in China” sticker that I hadn’t notice!

Brimfield Market videos

Check this video to give you an idea of whats on offer for one of the many markets. See the next video to see the scale of the entire Brimfield Market
Acres and acres of amazing treasures!

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Upcycled Chandelier to Candelabra

Often you come across amazing vintage chandeliers, some can easily be tested and rewired to live another life as a chandelier. Some unfortunately just can not be saved but can be upcycled into interesting and useful objects like this outdoor Candelabra.

They might just be hanging in your shed!

It’s easy to convert to a candelabra if you find the right chandelier, again it’s always worth looking to see if it can be properly savaged as a chandelier. If not, there are a few key features that the chandelier needs to have : an upward light bayonet, it should have a size suitable to hold a candle and an upright glass shade to protect the candle from the wind.


Now all you have to do is put the candles in the light fitting, make sure the candle is secure. It helps to place a few drops of wax in the socket to hasten the candle. It’s important the candle doesn’t touch the glass as it will crack it. Next step is to put it up with some nice chain and viola a beautiful candelabra-Easy!



These would look amazing on mass for a wedding or party!

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Rare Muppet Babies

McDonald’s released a set of four Muppet Babies Happy Meal toys (plus two “Under Three” toys) in 1987 in New Zealand.

The main set had the Babies riding wheeled vehicles. The figures and vehicles were removable.

Baby Kermit on a skateboard
Baby Piggy in a pink car
Baby Gonzo riding a green Big Wheel tricycle
Baby Fozzie on a yellow hobbyhorse on wheels

In Canada, Baby Animal in a red wagon was added to the set. Some of other figures were sculpted differently: for example, the American Baby Gonzo wore shoes whereas the Canadian Baby Gonzo was barefooted.

The “Under Three” toys were one-piece PVC toys. McDonald’s often makes special toys for young children when the main toys include pieces that could be swallowed.


Under Three Toy: Baby Kermit on roller skates

Under Three Toy: Baby Piggy on roller skates





We were lucky and found some of these cute Muppets! Check them out

Rare Muppet Babies Toys

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LL Bean

The classic 

L.L.Bean is an American iconic store founded in 1912  in Freeport, Maine. Known for it’s mail order catalogs specializes in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment and has evolved into a “campus” of shops over the years.

It  even has free shipping to New Zealand with purchases over $150, which is pretty easy to do with the US dollar conversion and the LL Bean’s prices. 

Given all that, it is pretty cool to visit and definitely must if in Freeport. It was the only time we saw a moose!  Mind you it was stuffed!


Check this out they are currently having a sale!