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Upcycled Chandelier to Candelabra

Often you come across amazing vintage chandeliers, some can easily be tested and rewired to live another life as a chandelier. Some unfortunately just can not be saved but can be upcycled into interesting and useful objects like this outdoor Candelabra.

They might just be hanging in your shed!

It’s easy to convert to a candelabra if you find the right chandelier, again it’s always worth looking to see if it can be properly savaged as a chandelier. If not, there are a few key features that the chandelier needs to have : an upward light bayonet, it should have a size suitable to hold a candle and an upright glass shade to protect the candle from the wind.


Now all you have to do is put the candles in the light fitting, make sure the candle is secure. It helps to place a few drops of wax in the socket to hasten the candle. It’s important the candle doesn’t touch the glass as it will crack it. Next step is to put it up with some nice chain and viola a beautiful candelabra-Easy!



These would look amazing on mass for a wedding or party!
interesting items

Rare Muppet Babies

McDonald’s released a set of four Muppet Babies Happy Meal toys (plus two “Under Three” toys) in 1987 in New Zealand.

The main set had the Babies riding wheeled vehicles. The figures and vehicles were removable.

Baby Kermit on a skateboard
Baby Piggy in a pink car
Baby Gonzo riding a green Big Wheel tricycle
Baby Fozzie on a yellow hobbyhorse on wheels

In Canada, Baby Animal in a red wagon was added to the set. Some of other figures were sculpted differently: for example, the American Baby Gonzo wore shoes whereas the Canadian Baby Gonzo was barefooted.

The “Under Three” toys were one-piece PVC toys. McDonald’s often makes special toys for young children when the main toys include pieces that could be swallowed.


Under Three Toy: Baby Kermit on roller skates

Under Three Toy: Baby Piggy on roller skates





We were lucky and found some of these cute Muppets! Check them out

Rare Muppet Babies Toys

interesting items

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