Depression Glass

Uranium/Depression glass came to my attention when I was out exploring in a wonderful antique shop and stumbled across a man shining a black light on the glassware. My curiosity made me abandon my manners and I just had to ask what he was doing. He was very accommodating and told we all about the fascinating and slightly scary uranium glass. Now it is my turn to tell you…..                                                                                Check out our examples of Depression glass

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Vintage Troll

Sometimes it’s fun to combine objects to see what they make. This was a mummy troll and a vintage Agee special jar. This reminds me of what you might see in a  mad scientist’s lab. To buy go to our Vintage store.

Last halloween, I was browsing thru an op shop and came across some porcelain dolls . Sorry to all of those who love porcelain dolls but  I kind of find them scary so went with it and


created zombie dolls! To find out how create your own monsters and more creepy Halloween fun!

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Milk Glass

Milk glass is an opaque milk white or colored glass that can be blown or pressed into a wide variety of shapes, it has been produced since the 16th century.

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