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Uranium Glass Flower Frog


Glows nicely

Sold out!


A beautiful uranium glass flower frog- glows nicely under UV light

19 holes

in good used condition except for small split on underside, please see photos

size – 9 cm wide by 2 cm high

Large antique uranium glass flower frog was made in the 1920’s to 1930’s for assistance in flower arranging. Made of Uranium glass which fluoresces bright glowing green under ultraviolet (black) light.

This Uranium glass flower frog was designed to sit upon the rim of your flower bowl or vase, allowing the flower stems to be inserted through the open holes reaching down into the water . It can be placed in the base of a bowl or vase if you’d like, as the rim will not prevent it, but it was specifically designed to float above the base of the vessel.

Most agree these helpful flower arranging tools were called ‘flower frogs’ because they sit in water, like a frog. Flower frogs became widely popular in the US during the early 1900’s for use in flower arranging. The form and function was replaced In the mid 1950’s by a water-absorbent foam, stopping the development of glass flower frogs.

Glass flower frogs of yesteryear are a better choice than modern foam as they are re-usable, sturdy, collectible and beautiful in their own way. Click here to learn how to use flower frogs.