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Haunted Amelia


Interesting Creepy but Harmless!

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Haunted Amelia is Doll Collecting Folklore – she was an Ebay Sensation.  See an excerpt from the original listing is below

Amelia the Haunted Doll – Amelia was once auctioned off on eBay. Its seller posted “This doll is not recommended for the weak at heart or for any little kids to have in their bedrooms!” Apparently, its original owner claimed that Amelia’s eyes were originally blue, but had glazed over in a creepy, glowing green despite being kept out of direct light. The person who purchased her reported that he found her standing in the hallway, heard her giggling, and once saw her wave

She is actually from doll maker Hamilton and originally looked like this

That is before she became haunted! She is pretty creepy and lives in my studio. Not allowed inside! But actually I think she is harmless. Contact me is interested in buying


Condition- aged with creepy eyes and scuff marks on face.

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