Sold out!

Nightmare Board Game


Sold out!


NIGHTMARE The Video Board Game! Just in time for Halloween

  • The game with Atmosfear for 3-6 players Aged 12 – to adult. Not for young children, comes with warning
  • Turn the volume up, the lights down, press play on your video cassette recorder and you are in for a night of frightening fun as Nightmare brings a thrilling new dimension to home entertainment;
  • The original 1991

Nightmare is a board game controlled by a video tape. It is a race against time and the game’s host, The Gatekeeper. The aim of the game is to collect 6 of your character’s keys and then race to the center of the board; The Nightmare Square. If the tape reaches 60 minutes The Gatekeeper Wins!


Good used condition – incomplete to the best of my knowledge. Including VCR tape if you still have your old machine kicking around otherwise check out the above you tube link.

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