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NZ Crown Pyrex

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This amazing space saver NZ Crown Pyrex Dish has taught me many lessons mixed with a bit of heartache.

Let me explain- I have been a lifelong treasure hunter but have only recently started selling and that is why I started Vintage Recycled. My joy comes from finding cool items and passing them on to new homes, maybe not everything sometimes I just can’t bear to part with items! Like this amazing space saver dish, I just liked it not knowing anything about it’s to cool story.

Unfortunately I do not have it anymore as someone spotted a glimpse of it in one of my other listing and wanted to buy it posing as a genuine NZ Pyrex collector. This is where the heart break and nativity comes in, they were just a trader and a pretty good liar with an elaborate back story. It ended up on Trade Me within days of the sale for a significant amount more than I sold it for. Actually I was so gullible, I threw in the stand in for free as well some more grossly under priced Pyrex (which also ended up to Trade Me too)

I have learned a lot from this experience and definitely am a lot more cynical, but it has really sparked my love of NZ Pyrex. There are so many cool patterns and locally made in Christchurch. Being Canadian, I am in awe of the creativity and cool retro items that came out of NZ in the 60’s and 70’s! So I take the positive from this experience and will continue my quest for more amazing retro treasures.

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