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Vintage from Norway

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A Figgjo Norway square “Market” butter box, trinket box or jewellery box

size 10 cm x10 cm

A versatile and attractive shape. Great as a display item, storage canister, trinket box and more. This was originally designed as a butter box to fit the square shape of 500g butter packs in Norway, but was later changed to the lower rectangular shapes you see more often.

One of the more coveted forms from this series.

good used condition


Some facts–

Figgjo Norway, “Market” was designed in 1963 by Turi Gramstad Oliver, straight after she had designed Lotte. Each shape of the Market series features a different scene of characters at food markets dressed in folk style costumes.

The colours are hues of green and yellow on a white ground. It was in production from 1966-1980.

In its era, Market was as popular as the Lotte design, but the most admired design of the two now, 60 years or so later, seems to be Lotte. Both Lotte and Market have a similar look and feel to them with their quirky and delightful characters, costumes and settings.

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