Colourful Korean wedding ducks.

A perfect wedding gift idea


This is a pair of traditional & classic wooden Korean wedding ducks.

Colourful and joyful

size 17 cm long by 7 cm tall

good used condition but a few scuff marks. Please see photos


The history behind Korean wedding Ducks

A Saekdong Duck is a duck that is meant to always be around a happy family and symbolizes unity between a couple.

In the past, the Korean groom would travel to the bride’s location to hold the wedding. The first thing he did was offer a gift, which was usually a goose wrapped in a red bojagi, to his parents in law.

Geese mate for life and are known for their devotion to their mates. Thus, the goose became a symbol for the new couple’s prosperity and everlasting love throughout their marriage. In current times, a pair of wooden geese commonly referred to as wooden ducks are used as marriage gifts or as the centerpiece for weddings.

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