Bayco Building Set

A great example of vintage construction toys


Bayko Bakelite Building Set

A building construction kit consisting of green bases with holes in them, metal rods which can be held vertically in the bases, red and white bricks, green windows and other parts that can be slotted between pairs of rods, and red roofs of various types. The name Bayko was derived from Bakelite, the material used to make the early sets. These sets were available from 1934 to 1967. This example dates from the 1950s and is made from urea formaldehyde. It came in a carboard box with an image on its lid depicting a boy and a girl admiring a model house placed on building plans. The image was also used on posters

Manufactured by Plimpton Engineering

Liverpool England

Including Instruction, 3 boxes, main building pieces

Bayko Building set containing instruction book and assorted bricks, window frames, roof sections and metal rods for constructing a house. This construction set system was developed by Charles Plimpton in the 1930s. It uses bakelite, one of the early plastics.



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