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Mary Quant

Inspiring young women to rebel against traditional dress worn by their mothers and grandmothers, Quant turned a tiny boutique on the King’s Road, London, into a wholesale brand available in department stores across the UK, US, Europe and Australia. Quant’s success soon hit New Zealand, where her designs made fashion less exclusive and more accessible to a new generation.

Her empire was vast from styling fashion superstars like Twiggy to designing super cool dolls that make Barbie look like a prude- check out her Havoc doll with its firearms and motorcycle.

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interesting items

LL Bean

The classic 

L.L.Bean is an American iconic store founded in 1912  in Freeport, Maine. Known for it’s mail order catalogs specializes in clothing and outdoor recreation equipment and has evolved into a “campus” of shops over the years.

It  even has free shipping to New Zealand with purchases over $150, which is pretty easy to do with the US dollar conversion and the LL Bean’s prices. 

Given all that, it is pretty cool to visit and definitely must if in Freeport. It was the only time we saw a moose!  Mind you it was stuffed!