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Johnny Green’s Egg Cups!

To see more details on this amazing 90 year old read this article by Stuff NZ and watch for the award winning documentary based on his incredible story, Egg Cup Requiem


Explore Frida Kahlo’s ‘Casa Azul’ Through a Fascinating Virtual Museum

The museum (established in 1958), contains not only world-renowned art by Kahlo and her husband Diego Rivera, but it also holds a glimpse into their two legendary lives.

Explored my local art gallery and was mesmerized by this brilliant young NZ artist Joshua Davison. So impressed to then see this article about him on mymodernmet.com.
Definitely someone to watch, he is only 23!

  1. Museum ask people to replicate their masterpieces with stuff from home. Genius!

2. Check out this house which is a true Blast from the Past!

Groovy Green Masterpiece