Ti Toki Bottle



This is a green glaze Ti Toki Bottle with a hard topped cork top

size 29 cm x 7 cm

good used condition

The bottles stamped with Aotearoa were made by Ruth Hirst and Karuna Douglas at Muriwai


History of makers of Ti Toki Style bottles

Orzel 1979 – 1984

Crown Lynn 1984 – 1985

Stewart Pottery made them for a few years in the late 1980’s
They were difficult to ensure that the liquor did not seep through, so the early bottles we sealed with food quality hot wax. Hemara made the molds for us. and they were brown or green glaze.

Kermiko Ceramics “Larry Hadley in View Road”

“Kathy” and Hobby Ceramics

Aotearoa New Zealand run by Ruth Hirst and Karuna Douglas c2005 – 2007

Studio Ceramics from ? to 2017

Steiner Ceramics from 2017 …. still making


ref -https://www.newzealandpottery.net/t637p25-ti-toki-bottles