Peacock Technique

A great way to create a special one off glaze. Lots of different combos, check out the Mayco website to see more.

Tip- the swirl at the base of bowl creates a great effect

Amaco glazes


A great shiny stainless steel look but needs at least 4 layers to get movement so best to maybe taper layers with 4 on highest point reducing down to 2 -3 layers on bottom with generous margin to avoid sticking to the kiln shelf. Note that mine did stick !



This is a beginner’s guide to pottery glazes- it has been very much trial and error on my part and this is a record of my attempts so I can keep track if they do work!

Mayco Glazes

Combinations of glazes

Northern Lights

A great combo with little movement beyond margins

Base- Obsidian x 3 both inside and outside

Bands /swirls of

seaweed x 2

smoked merlot x 3