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Beryl Ware


From Woods

Made in England

Sold out!


Beryl Ware from Woods is a design classic from the thirties. This simple mint green utility earthenware was popular in church halls and schools up in England

This set includes

Coffee Pot -20 cmx 18 cm

5 cups/saucers

4 plates – 17cm

5 bowls – 16.5 cm x 5 cm

Interesting Facts

Wartime shortages decried that design should be simple and use as few resources as possible. So the clean lines of Beryl Ware are only broken up by ribbed bands that give it is distinctive feel. But look closely as you will see little flourishes on the handles and some jugs and coffee pots that have more than a nod to art deco.

The range was very comprehensive, with cups and saucers being produced in large tea size, coffee and espresso. Plates were produced for lunch, dinner, salads, tea and sides. Coffee and tea pots came in different sizes and were complemented by jugs, sugar bowls and serving plates.

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