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Star Wars Q & A Book


Great for any Star Wars Collector

Sold out!


Original 1979 Star Wars Question and Answer Book about Space


Book in fair condition for its age.  Some wear & a couple of light crease on the covers.  No loose pages.

Publisher’s Summary

Star Wars introduces you to the fascinating worlds beyond Earth, beyond the moon, beyond the stars… deep into space!

Is there life in outer space?  What lies beyond our solar system?  Are space creatures trying to contact us?  Can humans look into a past time?

The answers to these and many more questions about space are in this book.  There are full-colour photographs of galaxies, planets, stars, and robots.  There’s even information on how you can become a space explorer!

Written by Dinah Moche, Ph.D
Illustrated by David Kawami

Softback book published by Scholastic in 1979.

Quite Rare!

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